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SCORE March 2008: 80 Photos of Daphne Rosen

She’s an expert at sinking balls so our studio stylists dreamed up a pool table shoot with Daphne Rosen. This could be Daphne‘s best solo pictorial yet as she hangs her massive tits over the rail trying to beat the photographer at Eight Ball. Her painted-on shorts did not go unnoticed by at least one Boob Brother. “I’m a boob man and always will be but the set of Daphne in those tight and short green short shorts could make a man change his preferences,” emails Dave in the UK. “I know you have been running some competitions to win signed bras but is there any chance Daphne‘s shorts could be up for grabs? Providing of course she managed to peel then off her fabulous arse. That crease in her bum is just so deep it’s hard-on provoking. Thank heavens she has a world-class set of tits too or I would be sorely tempted to alter my favourite part of a woman’s body.” Sorry, Dave, those shorts are currently unavailable but we’ll let Daphne know you may be switching sides. In fact, Daphne‘s bountiful butt will be examined in a future BootyLicious layout. Just back that thing up, Daphne, and we’ll do the rest.

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